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Mother and Calf

Havilah Abrego


Havilah Abrego (b. 1997, Los Angeles, California) is an artist, scuba diver, and young marine scientist. She began painting as a young child under the guidance of her father, while also spending her days studying and exploring the ocean, the life source of her inspiration. After moving to Ventura, California to begin her academic career, she continued to hone her own painting techniques and began interpreting her experiences with the ocean through her creative work.


Havilah quickly tapped into a powerful connection between her life as a scientist and her voice as a painter. She now works to cultivate the relationship between both disciplines, while using the power of art to encourage the global community to create positive change for the natural world, in an effort to bridge the gap between art and science.

She currently lives, works and studies in Santa Barbara, California.



To reach the studio, please contact or fill out the contact form. ​​

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